Statuary Finish Bronze

Our statuary finish bronze is coated with paste wax.

Statuary Finish Bronze furniture may require periodic maintenance. Extreme caution must be exercised when cleaning!
• Cleaning products that are abrasive or contain harsh chemicals.
Brasso, Semichrome, or any other commercially available metal polishes or creams
•Windex, Formula 409, and all ammonia-based products
• Degreasing agents, powdered cleansers, paint thinners, or harsh solvents
• Any cleaning towels that are abrasive. These include paper towels.
Should maintenance be required we recommend:
• Begin by cleaning your bronze piece with a soft moist cloth until it has reached your desired appearance.
• Allow the piece to dry completely as you don’t want to trap moisture under the wax.
• Use a new soft cloth to apply a layer of wax to the piece.
• Allow the wax to dry thoroughly. This typically takes 20-30 minutes.
• Buff with a soft cloth.
Recommended Brands of Wax:
• Johnson’s Clear Paste Wax
• Trewax Clear Paste Wax
• Renaissance Wax