Design Details: Integrated Technology in the Kitchen

With today’s technology, there are endless ways to incorporate smart solutions into your kitchen.  Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to build upon the technology in your preexisting home, with the right resources and design, the possibilities are endless! Here, we’re sharing a few unique ways to integrate new technology into your kitchen or pair with your smart home system.

Drop-Down Knife Block

A magnetic knife block is concealed behind cabinetry and remote-controlled to drop down electronically, with under-cabinet illumination. This drop-down mechanism can be applied to other cabinetry storage solutions such as spice racks or utensil organizers.


Concealed Drop-Down + Pop-Up TV

These solutions are perfect for those who enjoy having access to their TV in the kitchen but don’t want to clutter up their countertop space. For one design option, the TV remains concealed behind cabinetry until it is remote controlled to drop-down electronically. Another design option that would work well for a larger TV, consists of concealing the TV beneath the countertop within lower cabinetry where it ascends out of a hidden section of the countertop with a remote-controlled electronic lift.

Ciuffo Cabinetry

In-Drawer Outlets

Installing outlets into our kitchen cabinets affords our clients concealed power solutions that won’t clutter up their space with additional outlets and messy wires!

Remote-Control Upper Cabinets

Remote-controlled upper cabinets are a great solution for hard-to-reach upper cabinet areas. Instead of having to pull over a ladder to check what’s in your cabinets, or having to struggle to close or open a tall cabinet door, this design allows for your cabinets to open and close with the touch of a button.

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Custom-Matched Outlets & Flush Outlets

Custom matched outlets are designed to blend in with the surrounding finish of the cabinetry they are installed in, while flush-inset outlets are integrated and sleek. These creative solutions are a great way to add more power solutions to your cabinetry and kitchen without sacrificing your kitchen’s aesthetic.