Design Discussion: 8 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Kitchen Space

Does your kitchen need a little refreshing, or some extra color and style?  Read on for some of our designer’s tips featuring some simple, creative ways to elevate your kitchen space!

Add a Decorative Rug

Adding a decorative rug or runner to your kitchen space can be an easy and effective way to create an amazing pop of color and change up your kitchen’s look. You can select a style that helps transform your space to one that is more contemporary or traditional, or you can simply choose a rug that enhances your kitchen’s current style and color scheme.

Display Cannisters, Jars, and Bottles

Stylish cannisters and jars can provide more color and texture in your kitchen space.  Select a few cannisters or jars, and place them up against the backsplash on your kitchen countertop.  This can help add some layers and depth to your kitchen and draw interest where there may be empty space. Think about your kitchen’s current color scheme and utilize cannisters or jars to supplement those colors, add a pop of bold color, or to introduce some warmth or coolness to balance out the temperature in your space. You can also utilize clear jars by filling them with dried spices or other dried foods such as pasta or beans.  This not only helps with food storage, but livens up your kitchen’s countertop space. Don’t be afraid to arrange jars of different sizes to add layers and depth to the empty space between your countertop and backsplash.  Larger clear jars can be filled with real or artificial fruits to add a pop of color. Display decorative empty glass bottles or arrange your most frequently used oil and vinegar bottles on your countertop. This frees up space in your cabinets, dresses up your countertop, and makes your oils and vinegars readily accessible. *Design tip: be sure to secure a tray or plate underneath your bottles to protect your countertop from any spills or leaks.

Add Plants and Flowers

Real or artificial plants and flowers are another simple and highly effective way to elevate your kitchen space.  Give your kitchen an organic, clean, and inviting touch with small to medium sized potted plants like aloe vera, or succulents.  More vibrant floral arrangements can provide a great pop of color as well.  The pots that hold your plants will also contribute some color to your kitchen as well. Succulents are a popular plant choice for kitchens as they are hardy plants that are easy to maintain and care for.

New Island Seating

Another great way to give your kitchen a mini-makeover is with new island stools or chairs.  Select chairs that reflect the overall style of your space, or go for ones that help transform your kitchen’s style. You can go with colors that complement the color scheme in your space, or if you have a white kitchen with little color in it, you can opt for a bold pop of color to make an eye-catching statement.

Display Your Kitchenware

Setting out bowls, teacups, and/or plates allows you to fill up empty space in your kitchen and decorate with some visual interest. Stack several bowls, cups, or plates to display on open shelves, against a backsplash, or in glass cabinets. Colored pitchers in varying sizes can also serve as a beautiful detail in your kitchen. Putting some of your kitchenware on display also frees up a little more space in your cabinets!

Photo by NYC&G

Open Shelves

If you don’t have open shelves, consider putting some up in your kitchen. The shelves themselves can introduce new color and texture, and will fill up empty space on walls or backsplashes when decorated with previously mentioned items like plants or kitchenware.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are like jewelry in any kitchen space!  If you don’t have pendant lights in your kitchen, they can be a great way to introduce more color, texture, and style to your kitchen – not to mention more light! You can select pendant lights that stand out as a focal point in your kitchen or ones that help tie your kitchen space together.

Add Small, Colorful Appliances

Another way to enhance your kitchen space is by adding one or two small countertop appliances that bring color to your space, such as a toaster, small coffee maker, or standing mixer. Displaying your appliances on your countertop eliminates the need for additional storage and can help break up too much empty space.